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For most people you will not have to worry about the cost. Your health insurance provider should be able to cover this. Talk to your doctor is the best way to find out if this is applicable to you.

For everyone else, the cost will start at about $1000 for the complete surgery. Some places will actually offer you a two night stay with them as well as other amenities. You may even be offered transportation to and from the airport if you've had to travel by plane.

The cost of lap band surgery is really going to depend on what you want and how far you have to travel.


Talk to people from all over the world who have actually had surgery. Find out what people are saying about this technology.

There is no cost to join, you can read through the forums without having to sign up with a new membership. This site has been built to bring all of the people together that are interested in finding out more about lap band surgery.



Have recently had lap band surgery? We're looking to find out how much it cost, what kind of results you've had, and wether or not you're glad that you've had the operation. How long did it take you to recover and are you able to eat food again without discomfort.

Most people are having wonderful success with this surgery, we'd love to hear from you too!!

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